Later In Life

The Later in Life (LIL) program serves older survivors (ages 50 and up) of gender-based violence. In a youth-centric society, the narratives and needs of older adults are often times marginalized. This results in a lack of understanding and resources available for older survivors of gender-based violence. The LIL program supports older survivors through our services, and empowers older adults by utilizing a strength-based approach. We recognize the depth of resiliency in older folks and provide platforms (such as the senior ambassador and wellness programs) that help support an older survivor’s healing process. We also focus on prevention work through consciously combatting ageism by centering narratives of older adults and promoting an active aging lifestyle.



This artwork is created by all the senior ambassadors and supported by our staff. The flowers are made from leftover silk from a sewing class that was going to be thrown away. They represent seniors who are often times treated like useless scraps in society. But as you see, through artistic manipulation, the silk was beautifully transformed into flowers flying all over the sky. That symbolizes freedom, empowerment, independence, and overall rising from trauma and breaking the image of being weak seniors and immigrants. Many seniors experience transcendence and transformation through the creative art groups and also through this experience. As expressed by the ambassadors, this artwork created during the final year was more than just a craft. Each senior has developed their level of art skills, and they were able to create an artwork that was beyond our staff’s expectations.