Frequently Asked QuestionS


How will be the money raised be used?

Funds raised will work around gender-based violence, from advocacy and education in our communities to direct services like counseling, healing support groups, and economic empowerment.


What is the gallery space like, and how will the art be exhibited?

The exhibit will be at One Art Space, an art gallery in TriBeCa, New York City. Art will be professionally installed.


Are there specific guidelines for the artwork? Size, medium?

All we ask is that you adhere to the theme of “resilience.” What does resilience mean to you? It can be in any medium you wish, though we have limited space for large scale pieces.


Can I create a new piece instead of donating an existing piece?

Yes, absolutely!


Is there a contract to sign?

Yes, the artist's agreement which is at the bottom of the application.


Who is setting the retail price of the piece?

The artist will set the retail price of the piece. This art exhibit will be a straight sale through the gallery. It is not an auction of any kind.


Am I responsible for the shipping of the donation to the art gallery?

If you need to ship artwork, please let us know and we will do our best to work with you on covering the cost.

Please ship your art directly to the gallery between Monday, September 24th, to Wednesday, September 25th to this address:

23 Warren Street, Street level Gallery 1
New York, NY 10007  
Phone: 646- 559-0535
Att: Daniel Giella    

*Artists MUST send the tracking number from the shipping company.

If you are located in Manhattan, please contact us for possible pick up.


Can I drop off my own art?

Yes, you can drop off your artwork on Wednesday, September 25th to One Art Space within their business hours: 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM

For any Gallery related questions, please call the manager of One Art Space, Diego Ponce:  646-721-7589.


What happens to my art if it is not sold at the art exhibit?

If your art does not sell during the Art Exhibit, as written in the artist’s agreement, the donation is being made to Womankind. Womankind will find another avenue to showcase your generous donation, including at other fundraising events (e.g., our annual gala).


Can you give me a tax-deductible donation receipt for my art work?

To the extent allowable by law, the materials utilized for the artwork can be tax-deductible. Womankind will issue an official thank you letter that indicates your donated artwork, but it will be up to you and your accountant to place a value on the materials and claim the deduction.


How else can I get involved in the fundraising portion of this effort?

We encourage you to tell your networks & followers about the show and the art that is available. We welcome your ideas on how to expand our fundraising and are open to collaborating with you on that.

Please contact