What does resilience mean to you?  We are reaching out to artists, friends, collaborators. People who stand with us against gender-based violence. We are asking for the donation of a piece of art to help us raise funds and celebrate the spirit of resilience shown everyday by survivors, our staff, and our communities.

The pieces will be donated, exhibited, and sold in New York City at One Art Space. The exhibit will also feature pieces of art from survivors who have explored their art at Womankind.

Due date for all art submissions is Friday, September 10th.

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Are you are open to being interviewed by press as part of our efforts to bring attention to gender-based violence and or the role of art in social change?
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1. I hereby irrevocably donate, transfer and convey to Womankind all rights related to the physical possession and disposition (e.g., sale, donation, or other conveyance) of the work of art described below. I understand that the artwork will be sold or auctioned for Womankind’s fundraising purposes or used in other ways to benefit Womankind and/or further its mission. I retain all copyright to the work, except as described below. 2. I grant Womankind irrevocable, non-exclusive right to photograph or reproduce depictions of the donated art work for fundraising, catalog, and publicity purposes, as well as other non-commercial purposes. It is understood that objects on exhibit may be photographed by the general public. I further grant to successive owners and borrowers of the artwork irrevocable, non-exclusive right to photograph or reproduce images for non-commercial purposes only (i.e., non-commercial social media posting, insurance documentation, etc.). 3. I understand that Womankind, in accepting the donated art work, has made no determination of the value of the donate art, and makes no representations or assurances as to the value of the donated art work, for tax purposes or otherwise. I will consult my tax advisor to determine my individual circumstances. 4. I will safely package my artwork/donated item for transportation and release Womankind from responsibility of damage to the artwork I have listed for donation.